Are You Blending Expectation with the Unexpected? Three Tips for Restaurant Design

Restaurant design concepts

According to Business Insider, what can make or break a restaurant today is not always the food. Often, it’s the design. Design helps set the scene for how a diner’s experience will progress. Everything from lighting to establishing visual balance becomes is important for making sure that environment matches and complements the culinary style.

If you are a chef or restaurant owner, you need to carefully consider the way bar and restaurant design can either enhance or detract from your customer’s experience. Here are three key restaurant design concepts you should try to adhere to, with the help of your restaurant designer.

1. Blending Expectation with Eye Catching Touches

To a point, you want to deliver to diners what they expect to see. In a sushi restaurant, for example, diners expect to see Japanese elements, and many would react with discomfort to experiencing Tuscan style restaurant interior design. How can you play to this, while still creating a fresh and vibrant visual landscape?

Look to the Sokyo restaurant in Sydney, by Paul Kelly Design, for an example. A fusion restaurant of Japanese and Australian styles, the design gives nods to tradition with long, rectangular tables and evenly spaced chairs, but breaks up the space with irregular patterns of overhanging lights. The lookout window is a traditional focal point of the restaurant, yet the key to its visual freshness is the evenly placed ropes hanging down, dyed to create the impression of a mountain backdrop.

2. Restaurant Layout Design

When people think about design, they often concentrate on elements like texture, pattern, focal points, line, et cetera. When it comes to restaurants, though, a critical part of design is the layout itself. There is no right answer for where everything should be placed, however. Instead, layout should reflect the overall aims of the restaurant. Ideally, kitchens should be placed in an area that allows for easy flow and the least amount of disruption to diners.

3. Trends in Restaurant Design Concepts

If you are looking to create a modern atmosphere for your restaurant, then you want to know the latest design trends for culinary areas. The New York style of interior design is currently quite popular, and popping up in restaurants around the world. This style is characterized by wide, open rooms painted with neutral paint colors and accented by eye catching furniture, light fixtures, et cetera. Combining a minimalist interior with pops of color keeps spaces inviting yet intriguing for visitors.

What restaurant design concepts are you interested in seeing in your space? Let us know in the comments

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