Are You a Childcare Business Owner? Take the Challenge out of Daycare Payment

Child daycare management

If you’re the owner or manager of a childcare business, you know the headaches that come with bookkeeping. Contacting parents that are late with their daycare payment takes a good portion of your time, and the same goes for invoicing, receipts, and late fees. You’ll be glad to know that help is here: now there’s an app that can do all of this and much more!

Kangarootime take much of the stress out of child care management. Since families spend an average of 7.8 percent of their monthly income on ther child care expenses, it makes sense to offer them a relatively easy way to make sure the daycare payment has been sent. Because 25 percent of childcare arrangements are taken care of by organized facilities, it makes sense to have an app in the hands of the busy parents you work for. Almost 33 million children are in childcare arrangements, so if an app can combine timely payments with child safety options it’s a win-win situation.

How does it work? When a parent enrolls their child, they can do it from their phone. All the pertinent information in encrypted, so they’ll be able to set their payment preferences at the same time. The program tracks sign-in and sign-out, absence alerts, and real time messaging. Statements, bills, and emails are instantly accessible, and the app also allows split fees for divorced parents who share the daycare payment.

There’s more for you, too in the form of child care management solutions. Kangarootime will track your employee hours, attendance, and their clock-in and clock-out times. You’ll also be able to keep tab of employee absences, and receive notifications and messages if someone is running late.

The reports from the child care management software will be at your fingertips, and you can easily build customized reports if there’s something in particular you want to track. You’ll have access to every single data point in the system and the reporting module is easy to manage.

Think of all the time you put in to each of these activities, and you’ll understand why a child care management system will save you not just hours, but income. If a parent doesn’t show up when expected, you can contact them within seconds. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that since each child is electronically signed in and out, there is little chance of one being missed or overlooked. What more could you ask for?

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