An Introduction to Three of the Most Important Pieces of Oilfield Equipment

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Oil and gas drilling is a crucial activity in today’s world — without oil or natural gas, a vast majority of our energy resources would be gone, crippling our entire society.

But if you’re new to the world of oil drilling, the process can seem complex — but it doesn’t have to be. You might actually find that oil drilling is highly fascinating.

A huge part of understanding the oil drilling process is understanding the types of oilfield equipment that are used. Here are three of the most common and most necessary pieces of oil drilling equipment that you need to know about:

Mud pumps

Mud pumps are probably the most important piece of equipment in any oil drilling project, as they are what bring the oil out of the earth in the first place. The typical mud pump consists of two parts — the fluid end and the power end. The fluid end is responsible for powering the oil pumping process, and the power end converts the drive shaft’s rotation to move the pistons.

Roll off containers

When scouting for oil reserves, having oilfield equipment like roll off containers to transport all the necessary items for drilling is necessary. These large metal containers can be rolled on and off of a large truck for easy transport and storage.

Storage tanks

Once the oil is successfully drilled and extracted from the earth, it will need to be stored somewhere. That’s where a good storage tank comes in. Made of high-grade steel, these large, cylindrical tanks should be able to hold oil without any leaks taking place — as oil is a precious commodity these days.

What are some other essential oil field products and equipment? Share with your fellow readers by leaving a comment below this article. More research here.

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