Americans Saved Millions in Gas Last YearAnd Spent It All Online, Experts Say

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The push for energy conservation expands far beyond residential recycling: one of the largest package delivery companies in the world recently started incorporating electric trucks, saving approximately 300,000 gallons of gasoline every year. One international car manufacturer is so committed to recycling that they are among a handful of companies that have achieved “zero waste” landfill status. Businesses all over America are striving to attract customers who want to support companies with a demonstrated track record of recycling and environmental awareness.

Online commerce, often referred to as “e-commerce,” is a way for companies to “road test” new marketing and advertising strategies. While some products may perform poorly in traditional brick-and-mortar retail environments, they may see much higher sales online. Some luxury products may sell better if customers are able to take their time and do some comparison shopping before they make the decision to buy.

Digital commerce can then become the ultimate “low pressure” sales model: customers are able to research, compare, check with their spouses or family members, and when they are ready to buy — at any time of day — they can make their purchases from their home computers and then receive delivery at a convenient time. Recycling and energy conservation activists note that Americans are driving and spending more money online.

With websites now offering everything from print and copy services to tax prep services, all accessed comfortably and quickly from home or office, retailers are starting to road test more comprehensive online services. Not only can customers order business cards, but they can order identification cards and produce professional-level business products on their home computer. Customers can also recycle ink and toner cartridges from home: shipping labels can simply be printed out at home.

Businesses have long known that a relaxed customer is a happy customer, but they are learning that home shoppers tend to buy more products than in-store clients. With sales rapidly increasing on cell phones and other mobile devices, companies with a strong online presence are better equipped to take advantage of heightened customer interest in online shopping and recycling.

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