American Air Cargo–Safe, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

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If your business needs door to door shipments have you considered a cargo airline for your purchasing and delivery needs?

These airlines are equipped to carry air and ocean cargo nationally as well as internationally. Furthermore, they provide necessary services for the management and control of products and services as well as energy, information, and people. By taking these valuable resources from the source of production to the final sales destination, air cargo services provide a valuable–and necessary–purpose.

It’s interesting to note that In 2012 alone, for example, $6.4 trillion worth of cargo was transported nationally and internationally. This definitely points to air cargo services as being a popular and reliable choice.

The Benefits of Using Air Cargo Services for Your Shipping Needs

There are several benefits to using cargo companies to ship different types of freight. Whether you have sea freight shipping or door to door transport needs, air cargo companies such as American Air Cargo can assist you with meeting your responsibilities–and deadlines.

Consider the following benefits of using an air cargo transport service:

    Provides reliable delivery for perishable goods
    Insures time-sensitive information arrives securely
    Decreases the risk of product damage
    Fast and effective transportation
    Reduces packing, freight, and labor costs
    Less overall travel time
    Increased security measures

        Increased eco-friendliness

      Eco-Friendly Shipping

      Since many companies are striving to be more eco-friendly, using air freight services such as American Air Cargo can assist these businesses with attaining–or maintaining–that goal. While some eco-friendly measures may seem obvious, here are just a few tips or reminders:

        Use recycled containers such as boxes and bags.

            Use paper rather than plastic packaging.
            Use direct cargo transportation services.

          Additional Details on the Air Cargo Industry

          In 2012, Boeing reported that cargo-only aircraft accounted for 60% of the shipments transported across the world. Since we do live in a global economy, and transporting goods and services is likely to continue to increase, choosing the most secure, efficient, and ecologically sound method of door to door service makes sense.

          In a report by IBIS World research, it was expected that the air cargo industry would see approximately $75.4 billion in revenue by the end of 2013. In terms of worldwide shipment value, this industry represents approximately 30%.

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