A Working Website Isn’t Enough How Search Engine Optimization And Blogging Increases Your Visibility

Just throwing up a website isn’t enough in today’s world. You need to go the extra mile to make people drop by and stick around.

There are over 130 trillion web pages on the Internet. Making yours stand out means getting familiar with all the digital tools at your disposal. A web designer can help bridge the gap between your needs and the interests of your customers with SEO, e-mail marketing, content marketing plans, attractive website layouts, and blogging. Even better? You can further update these with smart additions like mobile optimization.

Sound like a lot to keep up with? Below are the most basic additions any website needs to succeed.

Search Engine Optimization Gets You Noticed In Browsing Sessions

How do most people interact with the Internet these days? They dig around the search engine until they find what they need. The first organic Google search result will receive nearly 35% of the traffic share on average, which is a pretty tall order to rise up to. This is where SEO comes into your business marketing routine. Able to use keywords in an intelligent and organic way, search engine optimization will ensure your website isn’t lost to the tide.

Regular Blogging Makes Customers Want To Stick Around

You’ve got some customers who have found your website through SEO…now what? You’ll want to help them stick around by asking a web designer for some blogging tips. Blogs are a great place for customers to learn more about your business’s products or services. You can update them daily or weekly with new videos, articles, and infographics to give them more bang for their buck. Nearly 60% of marketers today say improving their organic presence is their biggest inbound marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Plans Give You Focus In These Busy Times

Still not sure where to go after SEO and blogging? You’re far from alone. Many businesses today have a rough time figuring out where to go with all this new information. The content marketing plan will be your lifeline in turbulent waters, giving you direction and keeping your eye on the prize. A web design company can provide you access to content marketing routines and spreadsheets to make sure you’re not wandering aimlessly.

Website Design Should Be Attractive And Easy-To-Understand

Any website that’s cluttered or takes forever to load is a website that might as well not exist. Studies have shown potential customers will form a strong first impression in seven seconds or less. Make every second count by hiring a web designer that knows how to snag attention and keep it. Every month in the United States sees Google handling between 40 billion to 60 billion web searches. Your website should be clean, simple, and able to communicate what it does immediately.

Mobile Optimization Makes Your Website Accessible To All

SEO helps you get noticed, blogging helps customers stick around, content marketing gives your website extra punch. Once you polish up your website, make sure everyone can enjoy it no matter where they are. Mobile optimization ensures your website will be viewable on mobile devices, such as iPhones or tablets. Some sites today are horribly outdated, with pages taking forever to load or just breaking when on the wrong device. Talk to a web designer about the weak points in your website so you’re not faced with a hidden problem.

Your website deserves better than being just another space in the Internet. Ask a web design firm what they can do to boost your online presence in 2019 and beyond.

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