A Better Sign Board for Better Business

Success in any business venture, big or small, is based on a number of factors, and one of them is the power to advertise to one’s customer base. Visual displays are one of the best routes to take, whether for a quaint outdoor cafe, car insurance companies, or a computer store. Designing and using the right visual cues, especially for restaurants, can go a long way, whether with a display board, custom event signs, real estate signs, or more. The right, eye-catching sign can draw in business like nothing else can.

Signs by the Numbers

More than a few statistics show that a business having the right numbers and types of signs can boost business, and this even extends to political candidates on the campaign trail. Despite today’s Internet-heavy world, physical proximity to a business is still a major factor, and it is believed that around 85% of a business’s customers live inside a five-mile radius of where that building is located. Online advertising may not matter nearly as much for these businesses as physical, eye-catching signs along roads, streets, and on buildings.

People are certainly looking at all these signs. Nearly half of customers who visit a business did so because of the sign, and roadside signs have a viewing rate of 71%. On-site signage has the value of about 24 full-page newspaper ads for every year. Finally, a survey showed that about 85% of people think that a sign can accurately reflect a business’s personality and character.

Restaurants and Signs

Any restaurant will need every possible way to draw in customers, anything from a cafe to a sandwich shop. Sandwich boards for sale can give start-up food shops a quick way to put themselves in the public eye, and when a business owner searches for sandwich boards for sale, there are some factors to consider.

According to Webstaurant Store, sandwich boards for sale, along with other signs such as custom event signs and wall posters, have some strategies to pursue. For one thing, restaurant and store signs often favor warmer colors such as yellow, red, orange, and possibly light green and blue, while darker blues, purples, and black can make for a somber, unwelcoming appearance. Many of the most successful fast food restaurants’ signs follow this template. Also, a sign does not have to be static; sandwich boards for sale, and indeed any restaurant sign, can be electronic and flash several different colors in a pattern, or blink the same color on and off again to draw the eye. Advertising at night is another good strategy, and here, LED signs are energy-efficient and are easily seen.

Any sign’s message should contain ten or fewer words, given how an average person spends six seconds looking at the sign. A long and wordy message could slip from the person’s attention, while a short and exciting one can hold their attention. Signs can also be backed up by the actual product being in the display windows, whether they may be pies, cakes, power tools, or clothing and accessories. Political candidates could also stand to keep things brief, to draw attention to their stances on issues and their campaign promises. After all, 40% of respondents in a study said that they only learned of a political candidate from the sign; imagine where the candidate would be without an eye-catching, easily spotted sign.

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