9 Factors for Looking for a Warehouse Rental

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Is your business booming? Are you suddenly in need of more storage for your wares? Do you have some creative ideas for a warehouse space (if you had one)? Are you unsure if you need warehouse space?

There are many reasons to have warehouse space and many ways to utilize the space. But what’s important when you do are considering renting a warehouse is thinking of all the factors that make a good space. Then when you start the process of finding a warehouse to rent, you need to apply those factors to the warehouses you look at. Only then (and after you go with a little bit of intuition) will you know it’s time to be entering into an office lease agreement. Here are nine factors to weigh in when finding a warehouse to rent.

  1. Price of Rent
    The first, and most obvious, factor to consider is the price of the place. How much are you willing to spend regularly? That weighs heavily on the types of warehouses you can rent. Factoring that in, you have to then see what are the best deals being presented for you.
  2. Expense to Work in the Warehouse
    In addition to that, it’s best to figure out the expenses of working in the building. How much money will go towards whatever you’re doing in the building? Know that may put into perspective which buildings are better to rent and which aren’t. Knowing how much you have to pay to work in the place will help the first factor of deciding which price range is right. Then you can look at commercial leases that fit best.
  3. Square Footage
    It’s also important to consider the size of the place. Do you know what you would be doing in the building if you were to acquire it for rent? If so, when you are looking at buildings you know the width that would be appropriate for your endeavors. Determining warehouse space needs by the needs of your activity/business makes the selection process just a little bit easier.
  4. Height
    The same can be said for the height of the building. One great way to use a warehouse is to build up. This is especially true if you’re using the building for freight and other types of storage. As such, it would be good to look into a warehouse that is taller. That said, it’s up to whatever you want to use the building for. Consider that and then look for spaces that apply.
  5. Parking
    But what about the external area around the warehouse? Specifically, when finding a warehouse to rent you have to consider the parking situation. What is the parking like? You want parking that’s close ans also big enough for whatever your warehouse need is. If you intend to do freight, you need to have parking that fits the size of employees you’ll have working in the space on any given night. As such, parking is an important factor to consider.
  6. Maintenance
    It’s also good to consider the maintenance that’ll be needed for the building. How much of the upkeep will be up to the owners and how much will be up to you as the renter? Trash will probably be a factor you have to deal with, but what about the cleaning of the parking lot, the sweeping of the floor in the warehouse, and whatever else? Make sure to ask before signing a contract.
  7. Where Will You Load
    Will you need to have a are for 18 wheelers to drop off whatever materials necessary for your business? Will those vehicles need to come into the building? All of these loading questions must be known before you start searching or else you might find yourself in a very bad situation. As such, know ahead of time the loading needs of your business and find a building that best suits that.
  8. Electric
    Lastly, it’s best to consider if the building has sufficient power before you sign the dotted line. If the owner doesn’t know, call an electrician to find the amperage and power. This way, you know how many appliances/tools and how much power you can use in the building.

If you are considering finding a warehouse to rent these are nine factors to help you get started.

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