7 Tips for Finding the Right Printing Company

Digital printing

If you have a printing job to be done, you have a lot of options. There are a lot of printing companies to choose from. If you are looking at print services, these tips should help you get the right one for your needs and situation.

  1. Talk to people who know. You know other people who have used printing companies. Find out who they used, how they found them and what they thought of the experience. One of the best ways to find quality products and services is to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust. You may not use the same company but talking to the people you know can get you started with a list of options.
  2. Get a qualified printing company. There are a lot of printing companies who are not qualified to do every job. Look for reviews online for the work the company you are talking to has done. Get references from the printing companies that you talk to. Keep in mind that when you see negative comments posted online without names attached to them, there may be something else going on. People are much more prone to leave complaints than compliments so you should be wary of anonymous complaints. Your fliers or posters or whatever you have printed will reflect on your business so you need it to come out right.
  3. Look for green printing services. More and more printing companies are turning to environmentally friendly ways to handle the print jobs that they do. There is a lot of paper that is used by printing companies. A lot of this paper can be recycled to be used again. You can find printing companies that buy the products they use from tree farms that engage in sustainable farming techniques. Going with a green company can help you lower your carbon footprint.
  4. Get at least three quotes. When you are looking at printing companies, it is important to talk to a few. Take a look at the quality of the work that each does and what their pricing is like. Get the printing quotes in writing. This will make it a lot easier to compare and contrast the estimates for your job. If you are doing a mailing, talk to them about taking care of that part of the work. Printing companies that work with a lot of mailings can save you money on that part as well. The post office offers rates for companies who are sending bulk mail. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by getting quotes from different companies to get an idea of what your options are.
  5. Ask about any guarantees that they may offer. Many printing companies will offer a guarantee for your satisfaction and/or the quality of the work that they provide you for your work. They say that you only have one chance to make a first impression and when you send mailings to prospective customers and clients, you need to make the most from your mailings. Having a satisfaction guarantee may not prevent any problems but it can give you more peace of mind that your printing job will put your best foot forward.
  6. Do not make your decision only on price. While you need to find a cost effective but the price tag on your printing job, the price is not the only factor you use when you are picking a printing company. If you go with printing companies that charge a lot less, you can end up doing a lot of damage to your brand and reputation. This may cost you a lot more than what you would spend if you go with a more expensive company. By the same token, the most expensive company may not be the best option either. Some printing companies set their prices to look like they are better than they may actually be.
  7. Go with a one stop shop. If you are sending a mailer, even if you go with a more expensive company, if they can handle the printing and mailing, you will save yourself some money.

Hiring the right printing company can make a big difference in the success of your mailing or printing job.

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