6 Tips to Getting the Most from Your Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show booth design

It is no secret that trade shows can be great to help businesses raise awareness of their brand among influencers in their industry and consumers. It has been estimated that the average amount that companies spend on exhibiting and events is 31.6% of their overall marketing budget. The problem is that while these companies will spend upwards of $24 billion every year on trade show booth designs and the like, a full 70% do not set goals for their exhibitions. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your trade show display design:

  1. Get your images right. They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and that is very true when it comes to your trade show booth design. When you use large, clean and bright graphics you will catch the attention of the people who walk by your trade show exhibit display. When you are working on your trade show display, this is not the time to go with generic images from Shutterstock or other free websites. This is a good time to invest in quality photography or a great graphic designer. You have a lot of exhibits that yours will be competing against so using quality graphics to set yours apart from others will make a big difference. You will need to have several sizes for your graphics. Think about the people who will see it from across the exhibition space, from closer to your booth and up close to the display.
  2. Get your name and logo out there. One feature of any impactful trade show booth design is the placement of the company name and logo. This should be featured in your trade show booth design. Do not neglect to put your name and your logo at eye level. You should also have them repeated around your booth. If you have a slogan, that should be featured along with the logo. Remember, the key to building brand awareness is repetition.
  3. Make the most of interactive technology. There are a lot of new technologies that you can use to make your trade booth more interesting and exciting. The technology that allows companies to communicate with other people who are attending the trade show. Your interactive displays can generate some buzz. Remember your goal is to start a conversation both with with your visitors and among the trade show attendees.
  4. Use your social media channels. You should not wait until the trade show is over to communicate with supporters and customers about the trade show. Tweet to the people who visit thanking them for visiting your trade show booth. Tweet about the other booths that you think are useful and interesting. Put up Facebook and YouTube posts with your events and with other events that you think your audience would be interested in. You have an audience at the trade show and an audience that was not able to attend. Structure your social media posts to appeal to both audiences.
  5. Pay attention to your lighting. You can do a lot to make your trade show booth design look more inviting with the use of the right lighting. You can draw attention to certain aspects of your trade show exhibit with the use of the right kind of lighting. You can also add depth and texture to your trade show booth. People are impacted more than they know by the right lighting.
  6. Give out good swag. When trade show booths feature fun giveaways, people are much more likely to stop by and check things out. Studies show that they are a full 52% more likely to drop by when the company is giving away something that they can use. Popular items are USB drives, mugs, different kinds of bags and the always needed item, the pen. Plan your swag to be items people can use both at the trade show and beyond.

While this is not really a tip about your trade show booth design, you need to make the most of your time at the trade show when you get back. Within a day of getting back, you should reach out to the people who stopped by your booth.



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