6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Marble Supplier

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Marble is one of the popular natural stones commonly used for making sculptures and building materials. When looking to complete your kitchen and bathroom vanities with marble finish, the first and important step is to find high-quality marble supplier. A good fabricator can mean the difference between superior and low quality marble finish.

Here are some factors you need consider when choosing the best marble slabs provider.

1. Price is always the king
Clearly, the price is a key factor when choosing marble supplier. While all marble slabs for sale aims at making a profit, a little bargaining game at the maximum retail price won’t hurt. A good marble stone provider must quote a reasonable price that is agreeable to both parties.

Consult for prices from different suppliers, and while at that, assess their reliability and commitment towards quality products. However, the price can be a misleading factor, that’s why it’s also vital to consider the quality of marbles. Also, ensure you are priced based on the current industry standards.

2.Quality and Range of Products
Cheap doesn’t necessarily translate to quality, and neither does expensive. But not all marble slabs for sale are built up to standards. And with so many natural architectural stones in the market, finding one that meets your preference is a tough task. You want a supplier that gives you options to choose from floor, shower, and counters.

In addition, quality should also be seen in the product packaging, labeling and delivering. Get to know how the supplier handles quality issues and customers specifications.

3.Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is simply a combination of a reliable marble supplier who deals with quality natural stone slabs including granite, limestone, marble, and ceramic slabs.

4.Physical store
Although this may sound less important, choosing a marble stone provider with a store or a showroom can help you in finding the best architectural stone and tile for your house. Ask if you can tour their selection point to have a close look at the options available in a home model setting. This allows you to picture how the finished products will blend in a home or office style. A store is also a good measure of the supplier’s capability.

5.Part of Trade Organisation
To ensure credibility, choose a marble stone provider that is registered and approved to operate by a genuine trade organization. Look for an MIA Accredited stone fabricator who holds quality craftsmanship. Also, the supplier has to prove legal industrial dealings and clean trading history.

6.Source verification
You want to hire a stone supplier who has close dealings with the quarry where the supplies come from. A good stone fabricator must tour the quarry to assess the quality control measures and the environmental credentials. Some suppliers are simply detached from the source of their materials just to end up producing poor quality marble slabs for sale.

Lastly, keep in mind that a marble stone provider who meets these factors will guarantee you best product and service. Since you can’t expect a designer or a builder to offer you much help in natural stone, make good use of your stone supplier in deciding what will work for your house.

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