6 Examples Where Cannabis is Beneficial to a Suffering Person

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The fact that marijuana is legal is many states now is still something that people are getting used to. There is a lot of controversy over the fact the cannabis is considered more helpful than harmful now. Medical marijuana consulting is a very respected field and career choice and many locals are looking in to starting a medical marijuana business. Of course, medical marijuana business licenses would be needed to actually start a medical marijuana business but medical marijuana consulting is a great way to get in the industry. Anyways, back to the controversy; if you are on the negative side of the whole issue then let’s take a look at some of the proven benefits of cannabis in order to help you understand why it has been legalized in many places.

  1. Slow Cancer
    It was proven in a study done in 2007 that cannabis actually slows the process of cancer cells spreading throughout the body. It actually has the ability to stop cancer all together. So far, cannabis has been used to slow down growth in tumors in the brain, breasts and lungs and has had very positive results.

  2. Prevents Alzheimer’s
    The active ingredient in marijuana is THC and a study done back in 2006 showed great success is slowing down the formation of amyloid plaques which are thought to kill brain cells and lead to Alzheimer’s disease. THC blocked the enzyme in the brain that is what initially makes the plaques.

  3. Relieves Arthritis
    This was a more recent study, done in 2011. It was found that cannabis reduced swelling, pain and inflammation in the joints, taking away pain and discomfort for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It also promoted better sleep patterns which greatly helps anyone suffer from pain.

  4. Eases Multiple Sclerosis
    Cannabis works against the neurological effects that are caused by multiple sclerosis. In the study that was done where this was found, the 30 multiple sclerosis patients were not responding well to other types of medication but had great success in lowering their pain levels by taking on cannabis for just a few days. It’s thought that the THC bonds the nerves and muscles to the receptors in order to ease the pain.

  5. Controls Epilepsy
    While this may not be a permanent treatment method, the drug can stop seizures for about 10 hours at a time. THC controls epileptic seizures by soothing the brain cells that are responsible for initiating excitability and relaxation.

  6. Limits Tremors from Parkinson’s Disease
    Sleep can be difficult for those suffering form Parkinson’s disease. The best thing about marijuana for these patients is how much sleep quality was improved. Cannabis allowed their muscles to relax for long enough to let them sleep properly. The better quality sleep along with the marijuana intake also improved the fine motor skills of the same patients.

We could go on about the specific benefits of marijuana all day long. Hopefully the above examples will be enough to convince you of the necessity of cannabis for some people. Even if it is not something that you will need for yourself or even agree with, maybe these examples will help you to see that some people truly will live better lives with it. Of course, there are those few bad apples that take advantage of the system just to get the high and ruin it for those who use it responsible and properly, for medical purposes only. However, you shouldn’t let what those kinds of people do take over your opinion of medical marijuana.

It may help you to go through medical marijuana consulting in order to understand it better. Medical marijuana consulting is not just for those who are considering using it, it’s for anyone who needs more information about the product. Once you understand the whole idea a little better and stop think of it as an illegal drug, you will probably be a lot more accepting of those who chose to live this way. Sometimes, it’s not even a choice for them. Sometimes, it the last case scenario and the only way they can survive without the pain they have been in. They finally have found something that lets them live fairly normally. Let’s let them have that.

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