5 Ways to Utilize Digital Signage for Schools

Electronic led sign

Sign-based advertising has been around for decades. Thanks to modern technology, organizations can now utilize digital signage to broadcast a message or campaign to customers and the public alike. This form of signage allows an individual user or group of users to control the content displayed on their digital sign via a software that lives on a small computer behind the sign. The size and shape of the sign, type of computer running the system, and software being used to set content can vary, but their effectiveness in relaying information to a target group is undeniable. 35% of customers reported that they wouldn’t have discovered a particular business had it not been for their digital sign, while the value of an on-site sign has been measured to be the equivalent of a 24 full-page newspaper ad each year.

As a result, signs for churches, signs for government and digital signs for schools are popular and effective applications for this new technology. For the education sector in particular, the ability for a teacher, school administrator, or district organization to craft and deploy content to a screen in a school creates endless valuable, possibilities. Communicating with students and staff in a visual, engaging way is priceless in this type of environment and should be taken advantage of as much as possible when available. Here are five ways in which digital signs for schools can be used effectively.

  1. Relaying Operational Information
  2. Digital school signs deliver the perfect platform to inform students and/or staff on daily happenings within the school or district. During special scheduling times, such as holidays or in-service days, school administration could post a week schedule on a school sign board in order to make everyone aware of when to be in school. Besides a schedule, administrators could post updates regarding school events, news and reminders on a digital sign. In fact, a poll found that 58% of those who responded learned about an event they were interested in attending from a sign.

  3. Engaging Students for Improved Feedback and Participation
  4. Depending on the format of the physical sign, some machines can appropriately support a touchscreen component that would allow students to participate in a unique signage experience. Principals and teachers could use something like a touchscreen kiosk to conduct survey-style research on the student perception of school happenings and/or decisions. This type of software could also support a gaming experience if administration felt that was something appropriate for their students.

  5. Providing An Outlet for Organizational Opinions
  6. The software used for most digital signs for schools allows for users to have individual accounts, meaning that a student or staff group could have control granted temporarily or regularly. Allowing a student club, for example, to create and post content can garner a greater sense of community among students, teachers and administrators. Likewise, having a parent or community-based group, such as the PTO, create content enables a larger scope of information for students and staff to access alike.

  7. Combating School Bullying
  8. Besides more logistical applications, digital signs for schools can also be used to address more serious topics like bullying among students. According to Digital Signage Today, Digital signage system combats school bullying
    some international technologists have created a kiosk where students can anonymously answer a few simple questions to report violence safely. This type of readily available outlet allows students to feel heard and validated while obtaining valuable information that administration can then act on as needed.

Digital signage is a proven, effective means of relaying information in an engaging, streamlined fashion. Utilizing this kind of technology in a school setting can prove especially effective and practical for school administrators. Using digital signs for schools is sure to continue as technology evolves and improves.

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