5 Ways a Telephone Answering Service Can Replace a Traditional Receptionist

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Many small and mid-sized businesses try to keep everything in house, assuming that outsourcing will increase costs. But there are some services that are worth hiring out, and can even save your business money or make it more profitable in the long run. Read on to learn how a live answering service can provide all the benefits of a traditional in-house receptionist — and then some — at much lower cost. An answering service can do all the following:

  1. Ensure You Don’t Miss Calls

    The most important aspect of a 24 hour answering service is ensuring that you never miss calls. Even if you’re not in a business where an after hours call service is absolutely vital (medical, legal, home emergencies, etc.), you can step out of the office or take lunch whenever you like without worrying that a call will go unanswered. After all, each missed call is a missed opportunity to bring in a new customer or retain an old one; nearly 70% of callers who don’t get through will never bother calling back.

  2. Take Messages and Forward Calls

    If you’re out when a call comes in, telephone answering services will take a message and send it to you via voicemail, email or even text. And if you are available to take a call, it can be forwarded to you on a business landline or mobile.

  3. Schedule Appointments

    Some higher-end telephone answering services will even schedule appointments for you, as you’d expect a receptionist or personal assistant to do.

  4. Make You Aren’t Unnecessarily Interrupted

    Nothing breaks a train of thought like taking a routine telephone call. The professionals at an answering service have your basic business information down so that if someone calls asking for hours or directions, there’s no need to interrupt you and your staff. This can give a big boost to productivity in your organization.

  5. Provide a Professional Image

    The person who answers your telephone is often the first impression a customer has of your business demeanor. If you hiring an answering service, the workers will answer the phone with your business name and ensure a top-notch customer experience every time.

Can you think of any other benefits of hiring telephone answering services as part of your business? Share your ideas in the comments.

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