5 Tips to Make Working Remotely Work for You

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The idea of a virtual office was first developed in 1994. Since then, the opportunity to work remotely has grown. Many people (80% of those who do this) see that as a big perk to working for their employer. For employers giving people the option to work from home or other spaces saves them money. Nearly 60% say there is a real cost savings to allowing their workers do their jobs remotely. Finding these unique office solutions, may be great for employers but what about the employees?

Expert Tips to Being Productive When Working from Home:

  1. Delineate a space for work that is separate from your living space. One reason employers may like it when their employees work from home is that many people find themselves working more this way. Working from home cuts out the entire commute to and from an office. What was down time can now be working time. The problem with this is that many people never really shut off. To do this more effectively, setting a space just for work that is separate from the living space can make it more possible to set time for work and time for being “at home.” This also makes that time workers spend working more productive. If you have a spare room, use that as your office. Some people even use closet space. That is one of the unique office solutions people find when they are working from home.
  2. Set your hours. Make sure have your time organized. You need to keep to a schedule or you will burn yourself out. Make time for phone calls with coworkers and clients. These will help keep you motivated and will break up your say into manageable time blocks. Set detailed and finite objectives for the calls you have. These can also help you stay on task.
  3. Dress for work. Sure you are at home and can, if you really want, stay in your pajamas all day but you really do put your best foot forward when you look your best. You feel better about yourself when you go through the same routine when you are working from home as you do when you are working from an office. That time you spend getting ready does more for you than just get the right clothes on but it gets your brain ready for a day of productive work. Try it and you will see a real difference.
  4. Organize your time. Write to do lists. Set goals for each day and keep to your schedule. It is very easy to become disorganized when you are working from home. Because you really do have more time to do things, you may find it taking longer to complete tasks at home. Be diligent with your “to do” lists and you can better manage the time you spend working from home. Keep detailed notes of your projects and goals.
  5. Stay connected to your colleagues and clients. If you do stay at home, make it a point to have regular phone calls and meetings with your colleagues and your clients (if applicable). There are other unique office solutions you can consider. Some companies will pay for virtual office spaces. Also called “co-working” space, there are office spaces available in many cities for people to get the infrastructure offered by a regular office. Check and see if there is one in your city. Often these places will rent a reserved desk or just give you a space in their office environment. They also offer conference rooms, copy machines and a space for office mail and other deliveries.

Working from home or from other unique office solutions can be challenging. Sure, it is nice to not have to deal with a morning and evening commute but many people find themselves not ever actually leaving their work at the office. It is possible to be overwhelmed by working from home or form a remote location. It takes a lot of discipline and organizational skills to make it work but it is possible to have a rewarding and productive work experience at home or in a remote office. Follow these tips to get the most out of your remote working experience.

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