5 Tips for Creating Effective Supermarket Signage

Many customers prefer to visit a store in person, especially when it comes to purchasing foods and beverages. While smartphones remain popular for product research purposes, one study found that 77% of consumers visit stores in order to shop. If you own a supermarket, it’s important to be ready to sell to these customers. Fortunately, you can achieve this important goal by having digital signs at your supermarket. Here are five tips to create effective messages on your supermarket’s digital signs.

  1. Choose Your Words Wisely

    It’s important to be proud of the products your supermarket offers. However, you don’t want to let this excite lead to you creating wordy advertisements. While thinking of what to display on your supermarket’s digital signage, it’s wise to make sure that your messages are concise. If not, you could end up losing the focus of your customers.
  2. Don’t be Afraid of Testing

    Many companies realize that their products and services are the results of testing. These companies often spend lots of time and money on testing to fine tune what they will offer to the public. Considering that, it’s also important to test the effectiveness of your supermarket’s digital sign ideas. If certain advertised products aren’t selling well, it might be time to consider creating messages for other items.
  3. Appeal to Your Customer’s Senses

    If you’re going to be creating digital sign material, it’s wise to include product images. For most people, seeing images of foods invokes a sense of hunger. If your customers keep seeing images of food on your supermarket’s digital signs, they might place these items in their carts.
  4. Use Large and Easily Readable Fonts

    Choosing the right font is an important decision to make while choosing digital signs. With that in mind, it’s best to avoid fonts that your customers could find hard to read. Considering that, many supermarkets choose digital sign fonts that are large and bold. In turn, this helps to ensure that all of your customers will be able to easily see your supermarket’s advertising messages.
  5. Create Messages That Appeal to Special Events

    Research shows that shoppers make 82% of their buying decisions while they’re in a store. Considering how often people purchase groceries, these individuals will be in your supermarket near holidays or other important events. With that in mind, these events provide your supermarket with effective advertising ideas throughout the year.

In conclusion, there are many great uses for digital signs. Several recent studies found that merchandise with signage outsold items without signs by 20%. However, you’ll have many options in regards to choosing digital signs for these items. Certain supermarkets prefer to promote their items with the help of digital towers. Other stores might prefer to have large digital signs. Whether you’re looking for signs or digital signage display stands, it’s wise to partner with a reputable company. In turn, you can rest assured that your store is receiving high quality signs and accessories.

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