5 Surprising Reasons Customers Prefer Talking On The Phone

Professional answering service

Remember that automated phone tree you went through to get your cell phone bill straightened out?

Remember the pain of waiting to talk to an actual HUMAN instead of a telephone answering message?

It’s crystal clear that consumers want to talk to a human being who will actually work quickly to solve their problem, in fact, it’s something like 80% of them. So how do so many businesses mess this up?

It’s more than you’d think. Surprisingly few recognize the huge need for personal answering service for small business and brands.

Currently, businesses in the US are losing about $41 billion every year because of poor customer service! And it’s mostly tied to poor quality live answering service for small business.

It’s a no-brainer when you look at the data on call answering services:

  • 80% of callers hang up when they hear an automated, cheap answering service or voicemail
  • Customers report that the #1 most important thing is that they have their problem solved quickly
  • Compared with other service channels, 24 hour live answering services had the highest rates of satisfaction
  • 79% of customers prefer phone interactions over other channels
  • 3 out of 4 customers prefer to be called back, rather than wait on the line

If that doesn’t make you think twice, how about this kicker:

On average, almost 70% of consumers say they’d spend 13% more with a business after a great answering service experience! That means no automation or phone logic-trees. It’s not the after hours phone service itself that people love, it’s the empathy that they receive that resonates with them!

Mobile phones are everywhere. Where is yours right now? Is it more than five feet from you? Probably not. That makes you like the 91% of Americans who have their device within reach at every second of the day, even while sleeping.

The mobile phone has become an extension of us. We rely on it every day to curate human connections and relay information. It’s a critical portal for human contact, yet, businesses are sticking to email and web chats.

Professional answering service for small business is the future of effective customer service and those who take their customers seriously will see the long term loyalty results of building real rapport and memorable conversations instead of automating kindness and pushing aside people’s problems.

Phone answering service for small business is applicable to brands in the service industry, businesses who sell products to consumers, and even the medical profession. There are problems everywhere! It’s your choice how you engage with your customers, but remember that you’ll reap what you sow!

You might see a short term benefit to your bottom line, but it might not be so healthy for your long-game approach. Choose wisely.

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