5 Simple Ways to Help Retain New Hires

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Turnover is something that many businesses want to avoid. Considering that, nearly $11 billion per year is lost by companies due to turnover costs. In addition, statistics show that 22% of new hires will leave their jobs before reaching 45 days with a company. It’s important to do everything possible to help ensure that new hires don’t fall into the previously mentioned 22%. With that in mind, here are five simple tips in order to avoid new hires leaving your company.

  • Ensure They Know What to Bring or Wear to Work

    One reason that someone might consider leaving a job is if they feel the company is unorganized. Considering that, it’s important to ensure that your workers are as prepared as possible for their first day. With that in mind, many companies send out emails to new hires that detail directions, what to bring, dress code information, and other important details.
  • Give Them Detailed Schedules for the First Week

    It’s understandable that a new hire is going to feel like they’ve landed in an entirely new world. Rather your new hires have experience within your company’s industry, it’s important to ensure their first days are as detailed as possible. Consider printing out schedules that detail which rooms they’ll need to report to in addition to restroom and lunch facilities. You’ll want these schedules to be extremely detailed, giving employees no confusion regarding where they’ll need to be throughout their respective shifts.
  • Consider Having Them Shadow With Current Workers

    Another great way to make new hires feel welcome while at a new company is by having them shadow or follow established workers. This allows new hires to have someone to interact with while being able to learn how many aspects of the job they will be doing performed in a professional manner. Many businesses find that having new hires shadow current employees is helpful to make new workers feel more like they are part of the family.
  • Engage in Regular Weekly Discussions

    You’ll want to continue to treat employees extremely well after the initial new hire process is completed. It’s important to watch for any signs that new hires might be leaving your company. You’ll find that implementing in weekly discussion sessions between managers and workers help to find if these behaviors are taking place. In addition, workers often prefer this time since it allows them to feel recognized. In fact, statistics show that 86% of companies with employee recognition programs report an increase in overall employee happiness.
  • Partner With an Employment Agency

    If you’re unable to find the right employees on your own, it’s wise to consider the assistance of a staffing company. These workers will ensure that staffing your business is no longer something you need to spend time working on. An employment agency tends to work with many businesses in order to help them find the right type of employees.

In closing, there are several ways to help ensure that your company finds and retains the right kind of new hires. You’ll find that workers will find it easy to feel at ease while knowing exactly what to wear and bring on their first day. It’s also important that workers receive detailed schedules throughout their first week. In addition, consider having workers shadow these employees. If you find that staffing your company is becoming overwhelming, considering partnering with an employment agency.

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