5 Reasons You Should Care About Trenchless Pipe Repair

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If you’ve learned that your home needs a pipe repair or sewer repair, you may be resigned to having a big crew come dig up your yard and make a mess. But before you sign any agreements with a plumbing company, you need to pause and do your research on trenchless pipe repair. This technology uses a flexible, resin-soaked tube (such as a Perma Liner) that is inserted into an existing pipe and then cured in place so that there’s no need to dig up the old pipe or sewer line. Here are the top five advantages of this route:

  1. It’s Less Disruptive

    Because trenchless technology typically only requires a single access point, you won’t need to worry about crews digging up your beautiful landscaping and generally making a mess of your property.

  2. It Takes Less Time

    Trenchless pipe or sewer repairs can often be finished in just a few days, which means that you won’t have workers camped out on your property for weeks on end — and you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

  3. It’s Higher Quality

    The new materials used for trenchless sewer repairs have been carefully engineered to be superior in quality to your average piping materials. They resist tree root incursions, cracking and corrosion.

  4. It Works Better

    Trenchless replacements often function much better than the pipes they’re rehabilitating, improving flow. That means it’s less likely you’ll be dealing with clogs or other problems in the near future.

  5. It Costs Less

    This is often what it comes down to. Pipe repair costs can get out of control, but trenchless pipe repair costs less, in many cases, than traditional methods with extensive excavation. That’s mostly because of the reduced labor costs associated with the shorter work time. And, of course, you won’t need to worry about replacing damaged landscaping and hardscaping after the work is finished.

Can you think of any reasons not to choose a trenchless repair? Join the discussion in the comments.

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