4 Tips for Managing Peak Shipping with Truckload Freight

Shipping services are a service that is probably going to be around forever, and only continue to grow. Currently the LTL, less than a load, market is estimated at $35 billion and there are almost six billion commercial drivers operating in the United States. Shipping and shipping transport is a busy business, as you can see, but there are times when things are a little busier than normal. Trucking companies experience peak times when it comes to shipping, and those times could interfere with companies who need to ship their goods. Read below to see some tips for handling peak shipping times when it comes to truckload shipping.


Being flexible during peak season shipping time is extremely important. Just as the name says, this is peak shipping, meaning that there is a variety of things that could possibly go wrong. Having a little bit of flexibility means that you are not waiting until the last minute to ship what you need to ship. Be flexible with your shipping times and your shipping weights. Sometimes you have to rearrange your shipments in order to get them on trucks with other shipments or in order to get other shipments on with yours. Also consider transit times. Choosing a company with slightly longer shipping times may end up being a better option than choosing your normal company with the fastest time, and it could end up saving you money as well.


Everyone knows that it is important to plan ahead when it comes to shipping, but that is even more true when it comes to shipping during peak season. You should plan far enough in advance, even further than you normally would. This may include a month in advance for ocean shipping, and expect ports to be more congested than usual. Longer planning gives more flexibility and offers a chance for you to find a cheaper option for your oversize freight, truckload freight, ltl shipping, and expedited trucking transportation services.


Pay special attention to how you pack your truckload freight to be shipped. Packaging can make a huge different when it comes to loading and unloading your freight. Plan dock scheduling more efficiently and ensure that the packages are easy to transport. This not only can cut down on costs, but it can also help to lower the chances of the product becoming damaged during the shipping process.

Branch Out

Up until now you may have had only one trucking company that you relied on when it came to shipping your truckload freight. This can be a good thing, but it can also be bad. Having multiple vendors offers you the opportunity to find a shipping schedule that better matches your needs, since one company may offer different dates and times from another company. This can also help to save you money as well. Branching out and getting to know other vendors in the area lets you connect with them to expand your shipping network.

Consider these facts to help you keep your calm even during peak shipping times. Truckload freight shipping takes a lot of planning, and more planning may be necessary during these times. These tips along with careful planning can help you and your company keep everything on track and everything running and moving smoothly.

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