4 Reasons Your Company Needs Crowd and Traffic Control

If you have ever been to a large football game, a popular concert, or even made a trip to the bank on a busy Saturday morning, you probably know the struggle of waiting in a long line. When you’re standing in line, you feel as if the line will never end. Every person in front of you is a barrier to what you need to buy or where you need to get into. You may have even become frustrated at one point and just left the line rather than wait a second longer. Keep in mind that this might be exactly how your customers are feeling when they have to wait in line. This is why you need a barrier system for crowd and traffic control. Below are just a few of the reasons that crowd and traffic control barriers could benefit your business

Many will leave a line if it takes too long

Around 88% of people have said that they have actually given up after standing in line for too long. These are potential customers who are leaving your business. One cause of a long wait time is lack of organization. With crowd and traffic control barrier systems, such as stanchions, you can keep the crowd organized, and reduce the wait time for your customers.

Large events attract a large amount of people

A major sporting event, such as a football or basketball game, or even an entertainment event, such as a concert or movie premiere, can attract up to 70,000 fans. These fans are likely passionate about the team, actor, singer, band, etc. So, without crowd and traffic control barriers, these fans might get out of control. This is a situation where, again, crowd control barriers can help to keep your customers organized in line and likely reduce the amount of arguments and disruptions.

Generally, wait times feel longer than they actually are

People who use transits actually feel as if they’re waiting around 50% longer than the amount of time it actually takes. One way to reduce this feeling is to, of course, reduce the wait time. You want to keep your crowd organized with crowd and traffic control with barriers, but you could also have some form of entertainment to act as another form of crowd and traffic control and to keep your customers distracted from the actual line.

Waiting in line takes up a lot of time in the long run

On average, Americans spend 37 billion hours per year waiting in lines. In other words, one American spends an average of two years waiting in lines. With so many places having lines, you never know when a customer will get fed up with your line, causing you to lose a customer. Since a great way to reduce wait time is to introduce crowd and traffic control, this is your best bet for also reducing customer frustration.

Not only can crowd and traffic control keep the lines organized, it can help to reduce customers’ frustration, and even reduce the amount of security you need at your venue.

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