4 Reasons You Should Donate Your Old Clothing

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Many people are guilty of hoarding their clothing until their closet is filled to capacity. It’s likely that you have a few bins of unworn clothing stored away, or perhaps a could dresser drawers full. While it can be hard to get rid of your garments, there are some situations where you simply have no choice. Here are ___ situations when to donate clothes:

You Don’t Wear It

This is pretty straight forward. It’s unlikely that you still need that bridesmaid dress from three years ago or a winter jacket after you’ve moved down south. Some pieces of clothing are purely unnecessary.

No matter how much you love something, it’s not worth taking up space if you’ll never wear it again. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, it’s time to donate.

It No Longer Fits

While there’s nothing wrong with holding onto a pair of “goal” jeans if you’re looking to lose or gain weight, there is no use in holding onto pieces that don’t flatter you.

This can be emotional. Our bodies change as we age or adjust to new environments, and not being able to fit into something that you once loved wearing can hit a nerve. But if it hasn’t fit you in over a year it may be time to make a charitable donation. If you love the piece of clothing that much, you should be glad to have it won by someone, even if it’s not you.

It’s Not in Style (And Isn’t Coming Back)

While 90s fashion is coming back into swing in a somewhat expected way, some things are best left out of your every day wardrobe. Stone washed overalls, for example, or tye dye shirts, are best left to the ever-faithful aficionados, not someone who’s looking for a quick throwback piece. Hold onto more timeless pieces, like leather jackets.

You Don’t Love It

If you don’t like wearing something, why keep it? It’s taking up space that could be better occupied by something you do love and want to wear. It’s especially common for people to hang onto pieces of clothing they received as a gift, as donating it may be insulting to the giver. But if they haven’t noticed by now, it’s likely that they never will. Put it in the clothing donations pile.

Now that you know when to donate clothes, feel free to bring your old collections to any donation drop-off center to benefit someone in need. Read more here.

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