4 Reasons Blister Packaging is the Way to Go

Pharmaceutical blister packaging

Blister packaging is probably the most common method as far as medical packaging design goes. It’s a very safe and reliable technique to ensure the integrity of the product and keep out contamination. Even in cases were bottle filling is needed, The bottle will sometimes then be encased in a blister pack in order to ensure it’s secure arrival at the pharmacy. Here are some of the main benefits of blister packaging supplies.

Keep out contamination
This has already been mentioned but is worth going into a little deeper. The way that blister packages are sealed ensures that there will still be allowance for air movement and oxygen without allowing gases or contaminants to enter and destroy the integrity of the product. For example, most individual capsules that do not need bottle filling are stored in blister packs. Some will feature appeal off backing well other sport the pop out method of removing the pills. Either way the capsules remain sealed from the time that they are closed and inspected until the patients open them in accordance to doctors orders. This is probably the most important aspect of using blister packaging as they used to be a big problem. The last step of yet another test can be eliminated if the initial packaging step is approved and passed because there is no way for contaminants or gases to be able to enter the package after it has been sealed.

Ensure security
While medical supply theft is something we wish did not exist, The truth is, it is a very lucrative business on the black market. If someone can get a hold of medication, it can be sold for a pretty penny. Blister packaging ensures that no one in the shipping process is going to be able to open and switch out medications without being immediately noticed. Blister packs are not reusable and cannot be resealed once they are open so if somebody is going to steal medication they would have to throw away the entire pack which would throw off the inventory count. This helps during the hiring process so that people don’t have to be vetted so closely and have their personal life looked into so much.

Provide visibility
Customers and patients like to be able to see the product before they purchase it. Blister packaging features a see-through front that enables patients to be able to inspect the product before purchasing. This is also beneficial because if there are any capsules or products missing from the pack due to error or mistake during packaging, it can be easily seen and taken care of immediately. Another reason why it is good for patients to be able to see the products through the packaging is that typically, even after the medications are purchased, they will still be stored in the blister pack. Some blister packs will feature a Monday through Sunday consumption schedule that will help to remind the patient if they have already taken the medication that day or not.

Allow customization
Plastic blister packages are thermoformed so it’s designed to be able to be unique according to the product that is being sold in it. It doesn’t matter how many of the product there is or what size they are, the pack can be customized in order to fit the needs of the product. This customization also allowed for color coding and other options to make the whole product visually appealing and pleasing to the eye. While this may not seem important from a medical standpoint, patients are must more apt to buy a package if it looks inviting and fun rather than a boring, plain package. This one is actually a marketing technique that is beneficial to the seller more than the patient.

These are just four of the benefits of using a blister package design after bottle filling and pharmaceutical packing. Clinical storage is very important when it comes to medical supplies as you can see from the reasons above and it doesn’t matter if you are choosing the bottle filling machine or the color and style of the package, every part in the process plays a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of medication that’s possible.

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