4 Qualities of Reliable Floor Protection

In the construction industry, it’s important to keep clients satisfied. Unfortunately, nothing creates a problem faster than unsightly spills during projects. If not protected, a client’s floor could easily become damaged by water, mud, and multiple other substances. Therefore, it’s wise to utilize floor surface protection at all times. Without it, your company could end having to pay money or time to repair damaged floors. In this post, you’ll learn four important qualities to look for while choosing floor protection.

  1. Durable Protection Against Multiple Stain Causes

    You’ll also want to find a durable type of temporary surface protection. Using thin surfaces could lead to stronger cleaners or paints seeping through. No client wants to see that their floors have been damaged by paint or other substances. Therefore, it’s best to utilize a strong type of protective surface that stands up to water, mud, and other materials.
  2. Reusable Protection is Cost Efficient

    It’s smart to find protective surfaces that are reusable. Construction companies often have to complete projects on a timed schedule. Considering that, the last thing your company needs is to waste time waiting on more protective surfaces to arrive. If you’re using reusable floor surface protection options, you won’t have this problem.
  3. Pre Taped is a Major Plus

    Construction workers no that they rarely work in confined spaces. In most cases, construction projects involve building out large structures. With that in mind, this means that time is often of the essence. If you’re looking for a way to speed things up, consider utilizing pre taped floor protection. This type of temporary surface protection features tape at the edges of each sheet. In turn, your workers can simply lay out the pre taped sheets, quickly connecting them together.
  4. A Solution for Harsh Vapors

    Like other occupations, construction workers might remain aware of occupational hazards. One study found that occupational lung diseases were the leading cause of occupation related illnesses throughout the United States. While completing construction work, your employees often need to utilize chemicals. During these times it’s important for the vapors from these products to have somewhere to go. Fortunately, certain types of temporary floor protection are made with Vapor Cure tape. This tape is able to help trap vapors from chemicals your workers use during each project.

To summarize, it’s important to find the right type of floor protection during construction projects. Statistics from the Census Bureau report that 30% of remodels were for major additions and alterations. This type of work is often taken care of by a construction company. When your company needs temporary surface protection, it’s wise to take time finding the right product. In turn, your workers will be able to complete important work without risking damage to client’s floors.

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