4 Maintenance Tips to Keep Containers Looking Great

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Shipping containers are one of the highly sought after storage solutions for a business. Many businesses utilize expensive generators that must be safely stored. The average shipping container is able to withstand wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Statistics show that shipping containers can last over 20 years, as long as they are properly maintained. It’s understandable to wonder how to keep shipping containers properly cleaned. Here are four maintenance tips when using shipping containers as generator enclosures.

  1. Regularly Apply Lubricant to Container Doors

    In certain situations, generators can require a fair amount of observation. You’ll want to ensure that you keep container doors thoroughly lubricated. Shipping container doors are heavy and durable structure. Container doors that don’t receive enough lubrication can become difficult to open. Keeping container doors thoroughly greased allows you to easily access your generator enclosure at any time.
  2. Leave Room for Airflow

    There are many container solutions available to suit the needs of a business. It’s understandable to not want to purchase containers that are too large. You’ll still want to leave a bit of room in a container for adequate airflow. Generators that don’t receive enough airflow may become overheated and unusable. Certain companies utilize storage containers as a pipeline monitoring equipment enclosure. If your container is housing any type of electrical equipment, adequate airflow is a must.
  3. Check Containers for Signs of Rust

    Many containers are able to withstand rust on their own. However, certain conditions can cause rust to start forming on a shipping container. It’s imperative to find and treat any rusted areas before it spreads to other parts of your generator enclosure. You’ll want to ensure that any rusted areas are sealed with rust proofing product. It’s wise to spend a small amount on maintenance products, especially when considering the cost savings provided by these structures. Statistics show that utilizing containers over traditional construction can save up to 40% on building costs.
  4. Ensure All Stored Items are Dry

    It’s important to ensure all items placed inside of a container are dry. A small amount of condensation is all it takes for problems to start occurring inside of a storage container. It’s best to wait to do any loading of materials inside of a storage container until weather conditions are dry.

In summary, there are several ways to keep a storage container properly maintained. You’ll want to ensure that all container doors are regularly lubricated. Container doors are heavy items, keeping them lubricated ensure they are easy to open and close. It’s imperative to leave a bit of room for airflow, especially when storing generators. You’ll want to regularly examine shipping containers for any signs of rust. You can avoid excess condensation in a container by ensuring all items placed inside are completely dry. Many businesses continue to use shipping containers as safe and reliable generator enclosures.


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