3 Ways To Start Using UX Design Basics on Your Website

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UX web design is all about making sure that visitors on your website have a great experience — which is exactly why user experience design has become an essential part of traditional website design, and still serves as the basis for any successful online marketing plan or creative advertising strategy.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate UX web design basics into your own business’s web design process, here are a few details that really matter when it comes to UX design:

  • Responsive web design is the fancy term used for a website that works well on both traditional desktops and on mobile devices. Mobile web isn’t just about shrinking down the content on your original page, but instead, figuring out the best proportions for the content that’s really important for mobile device users.

  • Basic things like load times and readability will really affect whether visitors like your website and stay long enough to turn into conversions — and when visits turn into conversions, this isn’t just good for your business, but also for your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). A page should load within a few seconds, should be easy to scan, should have a visible and simple navigation bar, and should display important company information in a visible place on every single page.

  • It’s also important to make sure that you use a design platform that allows for responsive web design plus-ins and themes; many content management systems and web design sites are capable of creating good websites for both mobile devices and desktops. It’s incredibly important to use mobile-friendly design platforms and coding language so that your website doesn’t appear all jumbled up on a smartphone or tablet screen.

If you still aren’t sure how best to incorporate UX design basics into your own website, never hesitate to contact your local web design and marketing agency for some help!

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