3 Ways Flexible Packaging Can Be Used

Adhesive lamination

The global market for flexible packaging has grown at a highly respectable 3.4% annually since 2010, now reaching $248 billion. In America alone, the industry employs about one million people, contributing $375 billion to the economy. It’s no wonder the industry has blown up through — flexible packaging products are versatile and have numerous benefits. They’re not only easier to work with, but they can save companies a ton of money. Shipping glass jars versus products with flexible packaging, for example, require 26 truckloads for jars, but only one for the same amount of flexibly packaged products. Read on for three ways you can use flexible packaging material.


Beverage product labels can also use flexible plastic. Shrink sleeves for sports drinks, for example, are often made of this material. It can give your product a professional look while maintaining a durable label. Using this type of label can help your business stand out with an amazing 360 degree design, which will be eye-catching when put on the shelves. Your product will sell itself!

Bags and Pouches

Bags and pouches can also benefit from this material. Innovating a package design can draw in more consumers. Take juice packs for example. For moms, they’re perfect, because they make less of a mess than if they had to pour something into an open container. For other products, it can allow for a sealed, fresh means of transporting a product. It’s a perfect solution for numerous products.


Preserving papers has never been easier than it is with flexible plastic. Not only does this help to preserve the paper, but it can be useful if you’d like to be able to continuously write on something like a calendar. Lamination can help in numerous ways, you can make it work for you!

Will you be contacting a flexible packaging company soon? How will can you use these flexible packaging products?

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