3 Tips on Improving Warehouse Productivity

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As a business owner, you’re often thinking of new ways to increase your return of investment (ROI) and due-date performance. One hope is that by increasing productivity at your business you will find that both metrics have in fact increased as well. If you have commercial leases for a warehouse or two, you especially want to make sure that your investment is paying off. In order to help you, here are three tips on how to improve warehouse productivity for your commercial leases.

  1. Better Management
    If you’re already investing in industrial warehouse space, it’s best to utilize that space in the best way possible. You want to spend some of your money investing on a warehouse manager that can get the job done. This manager should be skilled enough to manage your business space with efficiency and wit. A good leader can make a great army. Find yourself a good leader.
  2. Using the Space Wisely
    If you are renting a warehouse by the square foot, you should use all of the space that you’re paying for. Instead of spacing out whatever is in your warehouse by the building’s width, you should build to fit its height. If you build up to the last possible space vertically, you can ensure proper use of spacing in your building. Just make sure to leave room in the aisles for the workers and machinery to get around.
  3. Ask the Employees
    Speaking of the workers, they are your next and final step. Make sure to ask your employees their thoughts on how to properly utilize the space and increase warehouse productivity. You’re already leasing retail space, so you might as well put all your effort into getting your investment back. Asking your employees for their thoughts is another way to go about doing that.

    Make a regular meeting to have employees come talk to you about their thoughts on increasing productivity. If they feel uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience of their coworkers, you could set up individual meetings as well. More than 166,000 people work in the industry around leasing a warehouse. Your employees are among that number and their careers are based on making your business run. Because of this, their opinions on how to improve things are valid.

From installing new management to asking for employee feedback, there are quite few things you could do to boost company productivity. No matter what you chose, what’s important is that you keep working at it until you see good results for your warehouse with commercial leases.

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