3 Things You Can Ask a Potential Cleaning Company Hire For

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Are you looking for a good medical office cleaning service? It’s like the old saying goes, “it’s hard to find good help.” Too many people are trying to get paid well for a job half done. So, how can you ensure that the professional cleaning service that you are considering is a good one? Well, there are different types of cleaning services that are available but throughout them all, including a medical office cleaning service, there are a few things that you can look for to make sure that you are getting what you are paying. There are also a few things that you can do or ask for to ensure that as well. Here are a few tips for hiring a cleaning company.

Ask for a trial.
Some cleaning companies will offer a trial run. This means that they will come and clean your offices once or twice or for a short period of time for free or at a very discounted rate without making you sign any contract. Not all cleaning services offer this, but you won’t know if they do if you don’t ask. If everything else checks out and you think this might be the one, let them know that you are strongly considering hiring them for the job but you’d like to see their service in action first. You can arrange a date and time so that you don’t have to give them a key and let them in the building. You might want to stick around but stay out of sight. Of course they will have their best foot forward anyway because it’s a trial run. But having you there, watching them, will not only make them work differently than they would if you weren’t there but it will make them nervous and they might even mess up in ways that they wouldn’t normally.

Ask for background checks.
This goes for everyone including the owner. You want to make sure that no one that is going to have access to your facility on the medical office cleaning service team has a record of any kind. There is a certain kind of trust that is bestowed on cleaning teams because they are usually in the building when no one else is. This means that they have access to a lot of things, especially in a medical office. There are medications, drugs, tools, etc that could easily be stolen. They are likely to be caught because of the extensive security but still, it’s not a risk that you want to take. Anyone with a record of substance abuse, stealing, violence or other criminal offenses should not be allowed to clean your medical offices or place of business unsupervised.

Look for customer reviews.
The best way to find out about a company is to see what their previous customers think. Don’t just look at the medical office cleaning service’s website. Of course they will only post the good reviews. Take a look at a third party review website like Yelp or something similar. They are unbiased and allow people to post the good and the bad. This will give you an overall picture of what people think of the company. Remember that not everyone loves everything so even if a cleaning company that you are considering had bad reviews, it could still be okay. Take a look at their good reviews compared to their bad reviews. The good should outweigh the bad. Look at the bad reviews and see why they didn’t like the company. You can usually tell if it’s just a person that can’t be pleased, no matter what the company would have done. Also, if you clean on their handle, you’ll be able to see all the reviews that they leave. Some people only leave bad reviews so you can disregard those kinds of people.

Finding a medical office cleaning service is very important to your business. A medical office needs to be kept clean and pristine so above all else, their ability and efficiency is important. That is what you can see through a trial run and the reviews. The background checks will just ensure your safety.

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