3 Things to Consider When Pursuing a Career in Environmentalism, Safety, and Health

Did you recently receive your degree in environmental science or safety and health from a college or university? If so, you are probably beginning your job search to find an ideal career related to your degree. Beginning the job search can be a difficult time if you are not entirely sure where to start or what you are looking for in a career. However, it helps to learn as much as you can about potential fields before you start applying to jobs so you know what to expect. Whether you are considering occupational safety consultant jobs, safety consultant jobs, or environmental consulting jobs, there are plenty of options available to learn about.

Interested in finding out more about jobs in the environmental field? Keep reading for more information from salaries to available jobs and careers.

3 Things to Know About Potential Careers Related to Environmentalism, Safety, and Health

1. Median salaries in these positions

Whether you have recently graduated or you are pursuing a new career, it is always important to consider what your potential salary will be at a new job. This is how you can determine how much you should be saving and how much you can spend in your day-to-day life. You don’t necessarily want to jump into any job without first considering how the salary will affect your life.

If you are in the environmental field, you can make as much as $69,400. In 2017, this was the median salary for environmental scientists. On the other hand, if you are interested in a career in occupational health or safety consultant jobs, you could make as much as $73,600 for your annual salary. This was the median for how much an occupational health and safety specialist.

2. Job growth in these fields

For opportunities like safety consultant jobs or consulting on construction, for instance, there was one compliance officer for every 59,000 workers in the United States, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Overall, more than 130 million workers are monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United States. This demonstrates that individuals looking for career opportunities like safety consultant jobs are likely to be needed over the years as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is continuing to be responsible for millions of Americans each and every year.

In the environmental field, growth is expected over the years for how many positions there will be available. For example, by 2026, there is an expected 11% growth in job opportunities for environmental scientists and environmental specialists.

3. Interesting facts about the fields

If safety and compliance are of interest to you, it’s important to note that since 1970, safety standards have greatly improved throughout the United States. In the past, there were an estimated 38 daily workplace fatalities. As of 2016, this number had dropped significantly to only 14 daily workplace fatalities.

One of the fields in which health and safety are known to be issues is the construction industry. In construction, there is a concept known as the “Fatal Four” which accounted for 63.7% of deaths in 2016 for construction workers. These include: falling, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught-in/between.

No matter which field you received your degree in, you can still pursue a different job or career depending on your interests. It is always beneficial to weigh your options, do your research, and apply for jobs that you are qualified for and interested in. That way you can truly enjoy your work and earn a salary that you can live on. From safety technician jobs, to environmental health jobs, to more, you can find a career that suits your interests and matches your needs with a little bit of searching and hard work.

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