3 Talent Acquisition Tips You’ll Want to Keep in Mind

Human resources consultant

Did you know that 57% of organizations believe employee retention is a problem? Talent acquisition, these days, is no small task. It?s not only about getting great employees on board — it?s also about finding employees that are likely to stay and enjoy the working environment.

Studies have shown that, on average, 22% of newly hired employees will leave their jobs just 45 days after being hired. Why? Typical reasons include temperament issues, and poor performance. Ideally, these are issues you want to pick up on before extending an offer of employment — not after.

How can you make sure that the employees you?re hiring are the right fit for your company? Here are a few talent acquisition tips that human resources consultants would advise.

1. Don?t Look for Simply Bravado

It?s no secret: a confident candidate often stands out among others because they make us feel like they can do the job — no problem! Don?t forget, though, that there?s more to a great candidate than simply believing in themselves. You should always test candidates on their knowledge of the skills they?re required to have.

2. Don?t Hire Your Best Friend

Literally and figuratively, don?t hire your best friend. Studies have shown that subconsciously, hiring managers tend to look for recruits that ?have the potential to be friends,? according to Business Insider. This means that, without intending to, you may be seeing certain candidates as more or less appropriate for the job not because of what they bring to the table, but because they seem like they?d be fun to have a beer with. Of course, it?s important that you look for employees who will fit in with the corporate culture! You just need to make sure that you hire employees with diverse viewpoints, as well.

3. Compensate Appropriately

Is it possible to hire people for less than the average going rate? Certainly. But are these people going to be longterm employees at your company — or are they going to jump ship after six months, forcing you to start the talent acquisition process all over again? Make sure to arrange a market-based compensation package, and don?t hold back on including easy perks in your employees? daily lives — free coffee can go a long way when people are getting to your office at 9am!

If you have absolutely no idea who to hire, you can always contact an outplacement consulting firm. They can help provide you the support you need in your search for great candidates.

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