3 Reasons to Start Using Spray Foam Insulation

Throughout the United States, energy consumption is constantly taking place. Statistics gathered from 2016 found that the United States was the second largest consumer of energy throughout the world. Considering that, these large amounts of energy usage can create quite costly heating and cooling bills. Therefore, many property owners are looking for an effective way to reduce energy consumption. With that in mind, here are three important advantages of utilizing spray foam insulation.

  1. Great for Insulating Awkward Spaces

    Statistics gathered from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program reports that insulating and sealing air leaks can reduce energy costs by up to 20%. Unfortunately, air leaks can occur almost anywhere in a building. Considering that, it’s important to have a way to insulate these spaces. That being said, some spaces are harder to access than others. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to use spray foam insulation for these jobs. By using spray foam insulation equipment, you’ll have no trouble sealing leaks in almost any type of space.
  2. Creating Cool Roofs

    A building’s roof offers more than structural protection. In addition, roofs ensure that properties maintain constant temperatures. However, standard roofs are only able to offer so much protection. Therefore, the popularity of cool roofs is becoming more common. Creating a cool roof involves using spray foam insulation over this area of a property. After this, a sealant is applied over the spray foam for additional protection. Spray foam insulation is an incredibly versatile substance, making it great for creating a larger roof slope. This slope allows rain and other materials to have an easier time falling off of your roof.
  3. Eliminating Sound Leakage

    There’s almost nothing worse than dealing with a lot of noise. If this noise is happening inside of your property, it’s relatively easy to control. The same can’t be said for outdoor noises. In the event that a property has air leaks, it’s easier for outside noises to be heard. In addition to reducing energy usage, spray foam insulation is a great way to block out these annoying noises.

To summarize, there are many advantages of using spray foam insulation. Statistics gathered from the Department of Energy found that 56% of all energy used throughout homes is for the purpose of heating and cooling these properties. If you’re wanting to ensure your customers avoid air leaks, considering finding spray foam rigs for sale. These rigs contain all the equipment you’ll need to begin applying spray foam.

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