3 Reasons to Look Into Buying Marble Slabs

When it comes to renovating your home, most people desire having some kind of natural stone such as marble whether it be on the floor, kitchen countertops, or somewhere else. Natural stone has had a long and environmentally friendly history and that’s probably why we admire it so much today. The market of marble slabs for sale is only going to continue to grow in the future for the following 3 reasons.

Natural stone slabs
have always been pleasing to the eye. It started in the early Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Finding marble slabs for sale was a fairly easy task, as they used these slabs to create various types of art, architecture, and other designs. The architectural stones created from these ceramic tiles remained a staple in both Indian and Mesopotamian culture as the years went by for their beauty. Those same tiles are the ones that we desire today within our own homes because of their beauty, with the rich history to back it up.

Recent studies have shown that not only do these beautifully engineered stones belong to rich cultures of the past, but they are also environmentally friendly as a building material. This is what makes them an important design feature not just within homes, but in accommodations such as hotels. Approximately 80% of travelers believe that hotels and other accommodations should implement environmentally friendly practices. Using natural stones within the hotel lobby which all your travelers will walk through will certainly make a good impression on them.

And not only are they environmentally friendly, but they’re also incredibly durable. The National Association of Home Builders has estimated that with proper maintenance, marble floors can last up to 100 years. Marble countertops may even be able to last a lifetime. And these natural stones can be used not just internally, but also externally in order to give it an air of sophistication or a pop of color.

Reasons like these are why the majority of homeowners that are currently considering renovations want to choose marble as the foundation. Not only are they beautiful, but if built and maintained well, they can last for decades at a time. They are also environmentally friendly and may be used in a variety of different ways to customize them to your home.

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