3 Reasons to Invest in Signs for Your Company

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While it seems like a given, many business owners are not aware of the power of large business signs. Whether you already have signs or not, there is always something you can do in terms of signs and ads to benefit your company. Read on for three ways signage can help your company out!

Show Your Location

About 35% of people say they would know where most businesses were if there was no sign displayed for it. If you have no signage at all, think of how many consumers are passing you up simply because they have no idea you’re there. If you already have large business signs, try to redo designs and make them more appealing! Even something as simple as window lettering can help small businesses.

Effective Marketing

Marketing with signs his a huge, yet easy, way to market your business. Signs have massive stopping power for consumers, and are often the reason for “impulse stops.” A survey found that 58% of consumers find advertising on digital signs more unique, 53% say it’s more interesting, 48% say it is entertaining, and 26% believe it to be less annoying than other ad forms. This, in addition to the fact that more than one-third of people admit to looking at outdoor banners and ads every single time they pass one, proves that signage is incredibly effective marketing!


Sign solutions have a strong bearing on your overall image as a company. First of all, investing in signage for your company is a large step in proving the legitimacy of the business, and it shows consumers that you are serious about what it is you’re doing. In addition, it has been proven that many people judge a business based on their advertising, and signs are a big part of this. They will also more readily recognize your business when they seen signs around town with the name or logo.

Do you think you’ll be investing anytime soon? What do you think is the most compelling reason to invest in a sign?

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