3 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Excavation Services


Whether you are making landscaping decisions like building a new pond to increase the value of your home, or you work for a company that is looking to undertake a serious project with the help of a commercial developer, excavation services can be a very big help. But not all excavation services are created equally.

Whether you are looking for large civil construction companies or a home owner seeking a private contractor, you must approach your search for an excavation services company with attention to detail and careful consideration.

In order to better help you identify the best candidate for your excavating needs, here are three questions that you should always ask when hiring.

  1. What Will Happen With the Dirt?
    There is almost always going to be some excess dirt that is created when excavating. More often than not, the amount that is left over will be a lot. Excavation jobs can range widely: some are small like digging a footing for a small building while others are massive and can require moving millions of cubic yards of earth. It is important that you know before hiring an excavator if they will dispose of the dirt or not. If not, you will want to make sure that you have another service lined up to take care of the excess.
  2. How Much Incidental Damage Will Occur?
    If you think that you can have a major excavation project that doesn’t cause at least some incidental damage to your lawn or the space being worked on, you will be sadly disappointed.

    Still, it is important to ensure that whoever you hire have a plan of how to minimize the damage and reduce the overall impact on your space. While they might not be able to stick to the plan completely, having it shows an awareness of how important it is to have as little impact as possible.
  3. What Happens If You Hit A Pipe?
    While it would be ideal for them not to hit the pipe in the first place, again it is important to make sure that there is a plan in place before any catastrophe occurs. Make sure they agree to handle the problems with utility companies for you.

When thinking of questions to ask, you should look for the people who give you sincere and insightful answers. Look for someone who has thought of the problems that might occur, rather than someone who promises nothing will go wrong.

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