3 Crafty and Creative Ways to Recycle Blister Packs

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After using up our medication or batteries, we’ve all had excess plastic blister packaging laying around the house. But for those of us who are ecologically minded, simply throwing it away may seem like a waste. There are many creative and crafty ways to re-purpose your old blister pack packaging that’s fun, easy, and beneficial to the environment. There are many types of blister packaging that can render different effects for the projects you are creating. For example, clam shell blister packs often fold into themselves as a shell would. Blister packaging is often completed with vinyl, and can come in varying appearances, including opaque, translucent, and tint.

Here are some crafty and creative ways for you to reuse your old blister packaging:
Jewelry Storage
Never lose your earrings again! Use empty chewing gum blister packs to store earrings. This also works well for other small items, such as push pins and paper clips.
Make your own googly eyes!
Create your own version of googly eyes, the popular childrens’ craft item. Medical blister packaging is often distinguished by the pocket made by something called formable web. This keeps the product safe and prevents it from becoming damaged. Take empty tablet blister packaging and separate by cutting around each circular tablet dish, leaving a little plastic around the perimeter. On a piece of paper, draw whatever you’d like, such as a face or a dog, but leave the eyes out. Then, using a lentil or a similar small item as the ‘pupil’, glue the individual circular dishes from the blister packaging on the paper where the eyes should be. The results are silly and fun for the whole family!
Use your old medical blister packaging to make funky designed paper! Take empty tablet blister packaging and flatten them out underneath something heavy like books for a few days. Once flattened, coat the blister packaging with paint and apply to paper. The blister package design will render an effect similar to polka dots. The finished product will make for great wrapping paper or greeting cards!
When it comes to crafting, the possibilities are endless. Now get to work!
How do you reuse your old medical packaging. Let us know in the comments below!

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