3 Benefits of Having a Custom-Built Website

There are many ways to acquire and build your own website. These sites can be built for a number of reasons, from a personal blogging site, to a platform for running an online business. These websites can be built either by yourself or by a website designing SEO company. While the latter can cost some money, depending upon what you want or need for your site, there are some significant benefits that come from having custom built websites created for you. This article looks at a few of these benefits.

  • Helps to Make a Good Impression: One benefit of having a custom website is that it can help to make a good impression. On average, you have a little under ten seconds to make a good impression on someone visiting your web page. By having a custom web page designed specifically for your business, it can create the impression that this is a website and by extension a company or idea that you care about. A custom website looks far better than a website slapped together from a basic template.
  • Mobile Friendly: Another benefit of having your website custom built by a website designing SEO company is that your site can be designed to be mobile friendly. To be mobile friendly means that your website can be easily accessed on a smart phone. In a time when smart phones are everywhere, this is extremely important. Not all websites have this capability, and it’s far more likely your website will be able to do this if it is custom-built. Some websites built with basic templates don’t have this capability and it can really hurt your online business in the long run if your site can’t be accessed on smart phones as well as on the computer.
  • Regular Maintenance: A third benefit of having your website custom-built is that you can also pay for the website to be regularly maintained and upgraded for a certain period of time. These website design companies can provide services for upgrading and maintaining the website. If a website isn’t regularly maintained, it might need to be rebuilt in as little as two years. On the other hand, if a website is regularly maintained and updated, it can last up to six or seven years before needing a rebuild due to technology upgrades.

In conclusion, there are a number of benefits to having your website custom built by a website designing SEO company. By having your website custom built, you can help to make a good impression on consumers who visit your site. You can also make your site mobile friendly by having it custom built. And also, having your website custom built can provide access to services that regularly maintain and upgrade the website that will help it last longer before needing a complete rebuild due to the changing nature of technology on the Internet. These are all benefits that can come from having a custom built website made for you.

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