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How Color Coding Stickers Can Change Your Business

Written by Fred on . Posted in Color coding stickers, Made in america stickers, Round printable labels

There are many different elements involved in branding and even organization, but all of this is made easier when the right colors are chosen to support the process. Color is actually a lot more crucial than you might think…it actually increases brand recognition by 80 percent! Additionally, around 85 percent of shoppers say that the color of a product affects their shopping choices too. While your company’s overall branding might already have it’s color scheme all worked out, the company’s organizational plan may not. That’s where it can come in handy to use customized stickers and labels.

One option for this is using small colored dot stickers. These can come in very handy when you’re selling physical products and might need to mark different items for different areas of a store. These small stickers can color code sale items, damaged items that are being sold as is, or even just categorizing the items by age group. The nice thing about small colored dot stickers is that they’re