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Benefits Of LTL Freight Shipping

Written by Fred on . Posted in Overweight freight, Trade show freight shipping, Truckload shipping

What does LTL freight shipping mean? It stands for less than truckload. Less than truckload shipping is great for those shippers who have too much weight for parcel carrier services but not enough of a truckload for a full truckload. There are reasons why if you are doing trade show shipments, you should use LTL shipping. Here are some benefits to using LTL shipping.

LTL Shipping Reduces Costs

Having the option of using LTL shipping, or less than truckload is a great option for those who have less than 150 pounds of weight and they don’t need a full truckload. Using the LTL option reduces the shipping costs for the person or people who are shipping their products. LTL works by having trade show shipments from many different companies going together in on the shipping. The reason shippers love this option is that they only pay for their freight and the sp