12 Ideas For Your Rented Warehouse Space

Warehouse space for lease

There are many ways in which you can use warehouse space. If you have a warehouse for rent, whether you are renting it or you own it, there is a lot you can do with the space. You could make it business space for lease, or you could make the warehouse for rent a private place to work on your own. It’s all up to you. (Keep in mind however to check with the owner of the space and any laws/regulations to make sure your idea is legally acceptable). Other than that, here are 12 different ideas for your warehouse for rent to help you decide.

  1. Regular Storage
    This first idea is probably the most obvious. You can use the space as a way to store any of your business’s products. Keep in mind however that if you have a lot of merchandise to store, you’ll need to have good organizational skills and employees to keep everything running smoothly.
  2. Office Space
    Or, perhaps you could turn it into office space for lease. It’s become the trend for wide and open office spaces. As such, your warehouse could be a large commodity in the commercial office space world. Consider renting out the space for this purpose.
  3. A Shop
    Also, it could be a great idea to have the warehouse space turned into a shop. If you see a warehouse for rent, you might not think “store space,” but that could in fact be it’s future. From a car shop to a flower shop, there are plenty of ways to utilize the warehouse.
  4. A Club
    In addition, you could also decide to use the space for social gatherings. A club for instance would look great in the open space provided by the warehouse. That said, you could do other things with it like create an escape room business, make a skate park, or rent the space for parties like weddings.
  5. Flea Market
    Another idea would be to rent the space out for larger markets. You could then rent parts of the warehouse out to stalls of things like fruits, meats, clothes, and jewelry. Then, a part of their earnings will be given to you. This is a great way to add to the community and make money at the same time.
  6. Rent to Film Production
    In addition, you could offer the building for productions. This could be for stage productions or film productions. Just make sure that all of the legal aspects are accounted for.
  7. Gaming Center
    In addition, you could use the space for a gaming center. An escape room business was already mentioned, but other gaming events could be used too. Laser tag for instance is a great idea. Or, you could offer a spot for video gaming. Just make sure the building can provide for all of that power usage.
  8. A Workshop
    It is also a great idea to consider having a workshop in the space. For instance, consider having an art studio there. This is a great place for solitary working without any distractions to bother you. You could even then use the space to give lessons as well.
  9. Rehearsal Space
    Staying along the same vein, you could use the building as a rehearsal room. It doesn’t matter for what for, singing, dancing, or whatever else have you. It’s just great that you could use the space to practice without others getting in the way.
  10. Fitness
    Another idea would be to make a fitness space out of the building. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to flip the place into a gym for others to come and use. Though, that would be a good idea. It could just be that you have your own personal equipment there to use. (If you have the money for that).
  11. A Brewery
    The spot can also be used for a brewery. This is a great way to make money and to be crafty at the same time. Make sure you have all the right documents and contracts and then get to work making fine beer for you, your friends, and your customers.
  12. Hydroponic Center/Garden
    If you’re looking to be more green and healthy about it, you can also build a garden to grow crops in the space.

No matter what you chose, there are plenty of ways to use a rented out warehouse.

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