Supply Chain Executive Recruiters Continue to Look for Candidates to Fill Important Positions

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As countries like Ecuador and Japan again deal with earthquakes, other countries around the globe reevaluate the importance of double options for supply chains around the world. While these countries devastated by earthquakes primarily work to rescue survivors, they also struggle with efforts to get the supplies they need to their most populated cities, as well as remote locations. Supply chain staffing experts around the world understand the necessity of planning for emergencies and having alternative supply chain jobs in place in more than one location.
In fact, supply chain management and supply chain staffing are such important issues in the global distribution of goods that colleges from Seaton Hall University to Rutgers University not only tout the national rankings of their progr

Is Loyalty Becoming an Old-Fashioned Value? The Ongoing War to Retain Qualified Candidates

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While it may seem like even the most qualitative aspects of business management and employee retention can be quantified and analyzed, larger firms still grapple with employee retention. Obviously, there are financial rewards for companies that can recruit qualified employees who remain with the firm on a long-term basis: experienced employees spend less time on crisis management and more time on building client relationships. However, more than half of all organizations in a recent study reported that talent acquisition and employee retention is a “problem.”

What are the first steps toward structuring a solution? Team leaders and human resources executive search firm

What Vendors Want You to Know Regarding RFP

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RFP stands for request for proposal. This is a document that is made by a business in order to collect different types of bids from vendors that are potentially interested in a particular product or service that the business provides. The kinds of companies that use RFP software include PR firms, marketing agencies, sales companies and basically any business that sells something. The problem with the traditional RFP management software is that they took a long time to put together and then had to be individually emailed out. It wasn’t efficient enough to be able to keep up with how fast pace technology has become. Sales cycles got longer, customers were dissatisfied and revenue was lost. Now, RFP software an

Everything You Want to Know About Business Loans

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Working capital business loans

Cash flow is one of the greatest challenges of every small business owner. You have to have cash to fill purchase orders, pay your staff, and buy supplies to operate. On the other hand, you can’t make any cash until you have already done those things. As such, it’s almost a way of life to use working capital loans for small businesses.

Funding Types
When securing funding to keep your business functioning like a well oil machine, you’ll quickly discover commercial funding falls into two categories: secured business loans and unsecured business loans.

  • Secured business loans put something on the line for collateral in exchange for the funding; perhaps the business property, or something that your business holds equity in.
  • Unsecured business l