Finding a Little Balance in that Mess You Call a Desk

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We’ve all had to go shopping for office supplies. Whether we’re teachers, students, homeowners preparing a home office, or employees looking to add a little extra to the big office building in which we work, there are always reasons to shop for cheap bubble mailers, printable sticker labels, sticky notes, writing utensils, paperclips, 3 ring binders, and the list goes on. Because if all of those things don’t actually get us organized, at least we’ll tell ourselves we have the materials to make it possible, right? Baby steps.

Order in the chaos
Ever say over and over that you’re going to clean up your desk or work area, and then a colleague, or roommate or family member c

In Spite Of What Many Believe, Most US Oil Tanks Are Just About Empty

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Certain reports, and some as recent as July 2015, would have you believe that all of the aboveground storage tanks in the country are full to the brim, and oil companies are desperately searching for a means of storing even more crude oil.

According to a June 8 CNBC article, several steel storage tanks in the Midwest are more than 80% full. Don’t be fooled; this isn’t the norm. In fact, most tanks across the U.S., including closely regulated API tanks, are at just 28% of their capacity. That number is desperately low. To put that into perspective, tanks must be 20% full to “support the roof and operate the pipes and other equipment,” Reuters continu

If Machines Rose Up Against Us, We’d Be Out of Luck

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Long gone are the days of the simple life, when people lived in simple homes and made, grew, or raised their own food. Now most people “need” so much more than they would ever be able to provide, build or access completely on their own. Yes, we are living in the time of the machines. And some of the machines are massive. Yet even in the most gargantuan machinery, heavy equipment components can be quite intricate and complex. So whatever projects you have going on that require such machines, it is a good idea to have regular and reliable heavy equipment servicing to ensure the quality and efficiency of your work.

Don’t Let Money Leak Out of Your Business With High Quality Liquid Fertilizer Tanks

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Whether caring for farmland or maintaining any sort of agricultural industry, fertilizer can be one of the most important tools in effective care taking. Depending on the size of the area in use, vast amounts of substance may be required to enrich the product. The difficult aspect behind these chemicals is finding a method of safe storage.

Structures designed as aboveground liquid fertilizer tanks can be the tool necessary for successful maintenance. Even though oil is a tremendously more harmful component than fertilizer, the pitfalls of insufficient oil repositories are a great example of the importance of reliable containment.

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