Turn Your Office Supplies into Cute Crafts!

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Poly bubble mailers

If you’re a fan of the DIY craze, you’ll be excited to know that you can make cool, trendy crafts from your unused office supplies. Check out these ideas for ways you can repurpose office supplies into fun crafts.

Bubble Mailer Laptop Sleeve – Turn those cheap bubble mailers into something you really will use! The bubble wrap lining will keep your computer nice and safe, and you can decorate the outside with whatever you’d like. Washi tape, magazine clippings, even fabric! The possibilities are endless. (And if you don’t like your creation, cheap mailers are everywhere. Just try again!)

Assorted Supplies Jewelry – If you’

Cool Things You Can Do With Bubble Wrap

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Kraft bubble mailers wholesale

If you’ve got cheap mailers lying around, you probably only keep them there to pop the bubble wrap on the inside. But did you know that you could use that bubble wrap for other things? Here are some ideas for how you can repurpose that old bubble wrap without wasting it.

Just sleep on it – Next time you’re out camping, use bubble wrap to line the bottom of your sleeping bag (or the whole tent). It’ll make it a little less uncomfortable to sleep on the ground, and you can use your body to steamroll all those bubbles to pop them with maximum efficiency.

Keeping it chill – This one is a brilliant example of common sense. Lining your refrigerator crisper drawers with

Hate It or Love It, Here’s the Drill on Drilling

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Horizontal drilling equipment

Drilling is an extremely controversial topic. And it comes as no surprise, considering the detrimental state of our planet and existing resources. But whether we like it or not, natural gases power almost everything we do. Unless you’re willing to shell it out for solar paneling or opt to live out of a tent in the middle of the forest in Colorado somewhere, it’s likely that you benefit from directional drilling services on a daily basis. In fact, as of last month there are currently 222 existing natural gas rigs in America, and that number is only growing.
There are efforts, however, for pipel

What Should You Consider When Seeking a Commercial Lease?

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Business space for rent

Calling all business owners: office and commercial space for rent maybe harder to come by in 2015. In fact, due to the economic upswing, commercial real estate agents say there were market gains in the third quarter 2014. This means that the right space for your business could be harder to come by and more expensive. As the market gets more competitive, what should you keep in mind while seeking that perfect business location?
When you look for an apartment, you can afford to be just a little ways away from where all the action is happening. However, Continue Reading No Comments