Does Your Company Have a Difficult Time Finding the Best Employees?

Written by Fred on . Posted in Educated and skilled workers, Shasta county startups, Starting a business

Finding the workforce that you need is becoming more and more challenging in a time when the unemployment rate is lower than it has been in years. In fact, the challenge of finding a qualified workforce is often a challenge for companies of all size. From the need to have a skilled laborforce for trade skills like welding and electrical work to the necessity to relocate executives to fill the openings in technology companies, there are businesses both large and small who feel as if they are fighting a losing battle
Finding educated and skilled workers continues to be a challenge in some communities where people are not always used to staying with a job, but the fact of the matter is there is a real need to encourage economic development in small to medium size towns if they want to remain viable communities. Without the right number of workers, for instance, school enrollments can drop, schools can clo