A Brief Overview of Data Breaches and Identity Theft

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Data theft is a significant concern for individual citizens, businesses, government entities, and other types of enterprises. The Federal Trade Commission, for example, indicated that one out of 33 people may have their identity stolen within the next year. What follows are a few details about identity and other types of data theft.

A Brief Overview of Identity Theft

Every year, identity theft, which is considered to be the fastest-growing crime in the United States, amounts to a $50-billion industry. Unfortunately, this industry continues to expand in scope. Contrary to what many people may believe, almost 90% of these thefts occur when criminals have access to print rather than online information.

Given the total number of cases reported, the most common form of identity theft is government documents and benefits fraud, per the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. This type of fraud comprises 34% of the total amount of cases. From 2015 to 2016, for instanc