A Look At Shipping Container Buildings In the United States

Written by Fred on . Posted in Office containers, Shipping container house, Shipping containers for sale nyc

The United States as well as the world as a whole has a problem with shipping containers. While shipping containers are, to be sure, immensely useful in the transport of goods and products all throughout the entirety of the world, we simply have too much of them and they have begun to contribute to the growing waste problem that we face. In fact, only around five million to six million of seventeen million steel shipping containers in existence are actually used. The rest of them just sit around, taking up space. And as many as six hundred and seventy five such storage containers are actually lost at sea every single year, all around the world, further contributing to levels of pollution and the disturbance of the natural marine life in our oceans.

But shipping containers for sale could be a way to divert these unused shipping containers simply lying around the country, lying around the world, into a new