How CAPA Training Can Help Prevent Human Error in the Workplace

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While human error is by definition almost inevitable, it can have a destructive and disruptive impact in the workplace. Especially in industries like pharmaceuticals, oil, manufacturing, and aviation, it can lead to costly and even dangerous mistakes. Corrective Action Preventative Training (CAPA) can help employers and workers to identify recurring problems and create procedures to prevent them. Employees can also take capa online training for greater workplace safety and for regulatory compliance.

The problem of human error
Human error is by definition inevitable in any setting. However, in crucial manufacturing settings like pharmaceuticals, the oil industry, and aviation, it can have expensive and even disastrous results. At the least, it can result in unplanned down time and delayed production schedules. As many as 90% of all workplace accidents are caused by human error.
In the Drug and Device Manufacturing Industry, 80% of the problems are