9 Mistakes to Avoid When Printing T-Shirts

Written by Fred on . Posted in Dye sublimation heat press, Graphtec vinyl cutter, Pneumatic heat press

Heating press

Are you making your own t-shirts for a hobby or as a fundraiser? If so, it’s a good idea. Every year 2 billion t-shirts get sold around the world. Americans, in particular, love the t-shirt. Surveys say that 62% of us have more than ten in our wardrobes. If you’re making your own t-shirts with heat transfer blanks, though, you might want to read on for a couple common mistakes to avoid when using heat transfer blanks. If you’ve invested in heat press vinyl sheets, a heating press, and all the other printing supplies, avoid these common issues:

  1. Make sure you’re printing on the right side of the paper. This is one of the most common mistakes, but it’