5 Reasons You Need the Right Promotional Packaging

Written by Fred on . Posted in Creative cd packaging, Packaging

What can promotional boxes and custom promotional packaging do to promote your brand? It’s common knowledge that people are affected by packaging. In fact, 85% of surveyed shoppers say that what they read on the packaging of a product affects their decisions as they shop. But there are other great reasons to consider promotional packaging. Read on for five ways that the right promotional box is a great investment.

  • Promotional boxes make a purchase or gift special. When something comes in a cheap, generic, or inappropriate package, the whole impression of its value is lessened. When consumers see cheap packaging, they will assume the item itself is cheap, too. Great presentation packaging elevates your product.
  • Promotional boxes set the tone for your brand and create instant brand recognition. Some of the most successful companies have instantly recognizable packaging. Continue Reading No Comments