The Importance of Planning From Transportation to Water Treatment Facilities

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Many experts in the United States have discussed the fact that the country’s infrastructure needs to be seriously addressed. The importance of transportation planning alone cannot be stressed enough, for example. Then there are other significant issues, such as the condition of America’s dams and water treatment facilities.

The Importance of Transportation Planning

Interstate roads were originally designed with a specific capacity in mind. Estimates indicate that more than a third of these roads are in either poor or mediocre condition. Currently, over half of these roads are at 70% traffic capacity, and almost 25

6 Fun Facts About the Interstate Highway System

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If you have ever taken a road trip, you have experienced the interstate highway system. Established in the 1950s and named after President Dwight D. Eisenhower. the sprawling system of highways greatly changed the way Americans live their lives. The large project was first proposed in 1939 but it took a push by the president to make the project move forward. The large project required a lot of input and work from civil engineering company contractors around the nation. This was before advances in technology such as GPR pavement so the job was a huge undertaking and big advancement in transportation planning.

Here are some other fun trivia about our nation’s interstate highway system:

  1. It caused riots and protests. When people in the United States first heard ab