Behind The Importance Of Soundproof Working Spaces In The United States

Written by Fred on . Posted in Build a phone booth, Green office design ideas, Office privacy ideas

Since the inception of the Facebook open office, open offices have become widely popular throughout the working world of the United States. As a matter of fact, nearly three quarters of the workplaces (around 73% of it, to be more exact) is made up of knowledge workers, workers who are now working in open office spaces more often than they are not. However, the open office space is on the decline, with only about 50% of all workers operating out of one – down from the 70% of workers who used one even just a mere ten years in the past.

But why is this the case? After all, open office environments certainly provide a good deal of benefits to those who operate out of them. For one thing, open offices promote good communication between coworkers, allowing them to easily discuss everything from ideas to concerns that may have come up. In addition to this, this ease of communication allows for better collaborations among coworkers as well. And when collaboration is able to occur, truly