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Understanding The Torque Equation And How To Measure Torque

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In the field of engineering, knowing the best way to measure force can me critical to correctly completing a job. While there is a lot to cover in this respect, here we will be focusing specifically on torque equation, and methods of force measurement.

Torque Equation

By definition torque is defined as a force that causes rotation to occur. However, applying a larger amount of forces doesn’t create a larger amount of torque. The way to achieve greater torque is by extending the distance away from the forces center. The reason for this comes down to simple laws of physics. For example, if you attempt to lift a large amount of weight with a small lever, the effort required will be much greater, without much reward. Using a larger lever will not only make the job easier, but will produce greater results.

The torque equation is expressed as torque equals force times perpendicular distance. To use an example everyone can relate to, when you push open a door the dist